Foodstuffs Fresh Coolstore Food Distribution Centre

Client: Foodstuffs
Start: Oct-06
Finish: Dec-07
Duration: 14 Months
Project Partners: Fletcher Construction
Value: $26m


To bring all its fresh distribution under one roof in the North Island Foodstuffs initiated a project to construct a 10,000m2 medium temperature cool store, with a future allowance of a further 10,000m2

The challenge was time. $23m of construction had to be carried out in less than a year, in order to open for the 2007 Christmas trade.

Hargrave recommended an international leading refrigeration specialist to Foodstuffs.

In managing the project Hargrave used a staged approach as well as running key activities in parallel, such as starting civil work before the design was finished. This required complex integration and coordination with Fletchers Construction and the client.


  • Delivered within tight time constraint and on budget
  • Hargrave managed complex integration and coordination amongst stakeholders